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Climate Fictions on Film

Recent years have seen an exponential increase in interest in what has come to be called climate fiction: stories grappling with the increasingly dire reality of anthropogenic climate change. But while the term “climate fiction”—or “cli-fi”—is relatively new, the genre's central questions are as old as civilization: Are humans part of nature? How do—and how should—human beings and human society relate to the natural world? Can the natural world be accurately depicted by humans? In this course, students will consider recent responses to these questions in the last two decades of popular film, analyzing the way that moving images shape, structure, and narrate our understanding of the natural world, debating the extent to which nature is either accessible or alien to human eyes, and comparing filmic representations of nature to those found in video games, novels, comics, and poetry.

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Instructor, Max Suechting
Session One
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